Website design and development

The company provides a special department that creates a professional website to be an online business interface that contributes significantly to the increase of company's sales. It also provides permanent technical support service for the site in terms of placing all updates, news, pictures and videos of the company on a daily and permanent basis as it protects The site from theft and electronic piracy, in addition to permanently and continually maintaining the site.


What will your esteemed company benefit from this section?


1.       Creating a website for the company to show it in a good appearance in front of customers and confirms that the company is a large company and has a large entity, to represent your company in front of thousands of customers who are looking for your product or service electronically, internally or externally


2.       Designing the website professionally and aesthetically at a high level that appears quickly on Google search, which is used by about 80% of customers online


3.       Managing the site on a daily and continuous basis to add updates, new products and services, and any news or promotions related to the company on a daily basis.



4.       Providing 24-hour technical support service to the company’s site all week, to solve any problems that occur to the site or any issues related to servers or Internet service.



5.       Protecting the site from piracy and theft, and making a very accurate security system that prevents piracy of customers’ accounts and payments on the site to provide the maximum amount of security and protection.