What is the difference between Marketing and sales?

What is the difference between Marketing and sales?

What is the difference between Marketing and sales?

Many people confuse marketing with selling, and in this article we will explain the difference between these two terms in an easy and simple way.

Marketing is the process of determining the desirable product specifications of potential customers and how to price it, distribute it in their places of presence and promote it to them in the framework of achieving the goals of the institution, whether it is to achieve profits, expand spread, or any other goals

While selling is the executive measure of marketing in terms of delivering the product to the customer, presenting it to him, persuading him to do so, transferring ownership of the product to him, collecting financial compensation and after-sales service

From the above it is clear to us that marketing is a planning process used to find out how to find a product that meets the needs of the customer and direct it to him at the right price in the right place and thus ensure the selling of the product with the utmost ease, which makes it easier for the seller to implement a successful sale to potential customers

So, the sale cannot be done correctly and effectively without being based on an integrated marketing plan that the seller uses in implementing the sale process.

In the coming articles, we will explain in more detail each step of the marketing process and the sales process to explain more of the difference between them and the relevance of each of them to the other.

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