Marketing and sales for real estate companies .

Marketing and sales for real estate companies .

Marketing and sales for real estate companies .

We talked in the previous article briefly about the difference between marketing and sales in general, and today we will start a series of articles, each of which will be devoted to explaining the difference between marketing and sales for a particular sector and the benefits of good marketing for this sector to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction

And we will start now with the real estate sector ...

The real estate sector in most countries of the world, especially in Egypt, suffers from severe weakness in the movement of buying and selling due to the large supply and lack of demand, due to the economic recession that the whole world is witnessing and Egypt is witnessing as well .

And here comes the role of good marketing to help real estate companies overcome the intense competition between them and between some of them to obtain the customer who often finds it difficult to buy his apartment for previous reasons, so what is the solution?

Good marketing does what is known as “marketing plan” for each project of the company, which helps it to know the strengths and weaknesses in this project and to know who are the companies that offer competing projects to know how to overcome them in attracting customers .

This plan also helps in determining the category of customers to which the promotion process should be directed, as well as determining the selling price of each unit in a way that suits the customers and at the same time achieves the best possible profit for the company, as well as determines the appropriate promotional methods to reach these customers with the widest spread and the lowest cost.

After that, the marketer trains sales representatives, whether in the sites or at the company's headquarters, to implement their part of the marketing plan recommendations, which is the process of persuading the customer, completing sales procedures and following up on customer satisfaction after the sale.

From this example it becomes clear to us the importance of marketing and that it is much more comprehensive than the sales process that comes at the end to implement the recommendations of marketing specialists to ensure the highest sales and largest profits.

We at IMS GROUP provide all these services to real estate companies to help them in marketing their projects and help those looking for apartments to reach the best projects that suit their needs and capabilities.

To be continued.....